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Discovered these at the Eden Craft Fair in San Leandro today...as i walked into the craft fair there was a table stacked with these little bags of 'crack-ers' ....probably would've just passed by if i wasn't given a sample!  Darn you!  :)

Lightly 'soy-weet' glazed crackers with a salty, sweet, nutty, crunchy yumminess to them...they remind me of those japanese rice crackers with salty-soy glaze i grew up with but these are the next generation with added pizzazz.  Needless to say, i left the craft fair with 3 bags and just finished off 1.  *sigh*  Of course, i had planned on giving 2 bags to share with friends...not anymore!

A very yummy, and addicting snack...I'd even work for free to get more of these!

1 bag gone, 2 more to go!

Cheryl M.

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