Who We Are

Lynn has been sharing the taste of Karinto Krisps with her suppliers and friends at tradeshows (Ad Specialty industry) as well as to every airline and hotel that she greets in her travels for nearly a decade. She loves bringing a little homemade goodness to those away from home. When people taste Karinto Krisps, they respond with words like "Amazing" and "Addicting". The label appropriately gives caution to its customer: “Serious Addiction May Occur “ and to “Please consume responsibly”. As one of our followers put it, “They’re seasamazing!” After being chased down convention floors and flooded with emails and calls, the enthusiasm and requests encouraged her to take the leap and finally make it available to everyone. Lynn, together with her daughter Michaela, and a family friend Ryan (a food technologist) began developing a plan to make them available for sale in 2012. Karinto Krisps are a handcrafted snack. Taking caramel sauce and adding a hint of soy sauce, we slowly bake it onto black sesame Krisps creating a toffee-like coating. It’s the Asian inspiration of salted caramel.